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Job 164575 - Mental Health Professional
Chicago, IL

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Job Details

Location: Chicago, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

1.      Provide orientations (safety, human rights, facility/program/agency/community).


2.      Assess each person’s mental health and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skill levels and monitor progress/regress in each area.


3.      Complete Mental Health Assessments.  Develop an Individual Treatment Plan, based on assessments, which address the service needs and planned interventions for achieving these needs.  Develop measurable, achievable, appropriate goals, incorporating client choice.  Monitor and document progress/regress.


4.      Develop individual and group training curricula which specifies outcomes.


5.      Ensure that clients are actively involved in their own daily programs, both in individual and group activities.


6.      Supervise, teach and assist clients in all ADL areas.  

7.      Participate in developing, scheduling, implementing skill training programs, evaluation tools, behavioral programs, activities and community outings.


8.      Schedule and implement individual and/or group counseling and skill training and keep MRO service/progress notes.


9.      Assist individuals with obtaining health care, dental care, sustaining care, and/or mental health care services as needed and in implementing recommendations.  To provide transportation and attend health care appointments as needed.


10.  Accompany clients for admission and discharge from hospital/nursing home or other medical setting, establish on-going communication with social worker/medical personnel, involve and inform the Medical Services Coordinator of all relevant and current information.  Continue to provide services within the hospital setting, including personal visits and attending hospital staffings.


11.  Administer medications and document all related activities in accordance with related Medication Policies and Procedures.


12.  Document and communicate with Program Manager and staff issues regarding clients’ needs, such as but not limited to, health care, mental health, medication and safety.


13.  Provide case management services for clients with public aid/social security/other entitlements.  Arrange for and accompany clients to appointments as needed.


14.  When appropriately licensed, provide transportation in agency vehicles for Residential Department clients


15.  Assist and provide training to residents with public transportation as needed.


16.  Assist with nutritional planning, preparing and cooking meals, and grocery shopping.  Responsible for complete meal preparation when clients are not able to prepare meals.


17.  Provide necessary guidance and support to clients in resolving problems.


18.  Provide crisis intervention, including facilitating hospitalization, as necessary.


19.  Responsible for coordinating services provided to the client.


20.  Provide emergency assistance/program coverage during scheduled hours, at other sites as required.


21.  Attend scheduled program meetings and to participate in these as a member of the rehabilitation team at a minimum of one time per month.


22.  Serve as an active member of the program team, promoting effective teamwork.  Be mindful of quality issues as they relate to the position and program and participate in activities to improve program quality.


23.  Participate in the screening/evaluation/assessment of client referrals.


24.  Carry a pager and respond during program hours, as required.


25.  Complete and/or review client and program records, including staffings, service/progress notes, attendance, incident reports, DHS reporting, client budgets, program log, assessment measures and other data/paperwork associated with the position.  Maintain files in accordance with DHS/CILA/Rule 132 regulations.


26.  To complete MRO billing forms in a timely manner and as justified by the appropriate service documentation.


27.  Travel between apartments within the program as needed.


28.  Maintain client confidentiality and observe client rights.


29.  Attend mandated and required in-service training within identified time frames, and to share this information with co-workers.


30.  To accept training and make progress in increasing one’s skill level and competency in utilizing computer technology.


31.  Maintain all required certifications.


32.  Adhere to safety policies and procedures and to report accidents, safety and health hazards and complete required documentation.


33.  Keep current and adhere to agency/program policies and procedures.


34.  Report all cases of suspected abuse/neglect/exploitation to management personnel immediately and complete required documentation.


35.  Provide liaison with other service providers/family/community, in coordinating needed client services or supports.  To respect cultural, religious, ethnic practices both within and outside of the agency.  To initiate information exchange between family/outside service providers and agency staff.


36.  Provide a model of appropriate dress and social behavior for the clients.


37.  Provide assistance in minor repair and up-keep of program equipment and in maintaining the facilities/apartments/work area in a clean and orderly manner.


Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services field or any other field with two years’ experience in mental health setting.

Valid driver’s license and ability to meet Agency insurance requirements.

American Sign Language (ASL) proficiency is a plus

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