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Job 164479 - Medical Services Coordinator II (RN)
Chicago, IL

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Job Details

Location: Chicago, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Position Responsibilities:

  • Review case records for clients referred for services to the residential department and possible on site visitation of those referred for placement to review his/her specific medical needs.
  • Assist with coordinating medical appointments to ensure compliance with Rule 115.
  • Respond to medical emergencies or requests for consultation in residential and day program as appropriate. 
  • Act as Liaison with Medical Services Coordinator during an audit of our Rule 116 program or Medical File Review.
  • Provide Medical Service Coordinator with input and/or attend ISP meetings.
  • Actively participates in the interdisciplinary team process assisting in the formulation of care plans and treatment objectives:
    • Coordinates/conducts assessments of each client’s medical needs in order to establish appropriate priorities.
    • Coordinates/conducts instruction to program managers/staff on methods and techniques in delivering medical care and treatment as specified in the ISP.
    • Ensure that each client’s progress in response to medical care rendered is documented as needed.
    • Recommends an approval or denial of a residents return to an Anixter residential program when discharge from an inpatient hospitalization is being planned after either attending hospital staffing or visiting client.
    • Collaborates with other members of the interdisciplinary team in staffing when medical condition affects daily programming as identified in the ISP.
  • Establishes implements and revises, as necessary, medical care treatment policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates/provides classroom and onsite training to staff on the medical issues, interventions and techniques required by each client.
  • Coordinates/provides monitoring and evaluation of each client’s medical needs and care, making recommendation for alternative and/or augmentative services as appropriate, with follow- up and documentation of same.
  • Functions as the primary liaison between each medical practitioner conveying relevant data to ensure timely and appropriate changes in each client’s medical care plan; communicating changes to the interdisciplinary team, and all other pertinent parties.
  • Functions as the primary liaison between the selected health care organizations (hospitals, clinics, home health and visiting nurses, etc.) that provide all routine and emergency care for clients in the programs.
  • Completes all agency training requirements and secures additional information, education and training as is appropriate to remain abreast of new knowledge, technologies and methodologies. Ensures adequate understanding of concepts and principles upon which work responsibilities are based and acquires requisite skills to perform job duties effectively and ensure agency services are provided consistently within its mission and objectives.
  • Facilitates communication, teamwork and cooperation by:
    • Attending regular staff meetings with assigned staff, at minimum, monthly, to facilitate cooperation, communication and quality assurance within the workplace and ensure compliance with agency mission policies and procedures, directives and expectations; reviewing program and policies on a regular basis insuring that new policies an reinforced with assigned staff, recording and maintaining meeting minutes.
    • Facilitating and ensuing problem solving within the work site as it relates to other agency programs, clients, their guardians and or families and the community in order to ensure the successful and effective operation of the work site and general agency operations.
    • Reviewing quarterly program statistics in order to ensure effective service implementation and the identification of additional needs.
  • Ensure the safety of clients and agency staff by:
    • Attending and participating in the Medical Committee of the Board of Directors and or Schwab at Anixter meetings and other subcommittees as assigned.
    • Providing assistance and training to clients and staff in adapting program sites for maximum use, ensuring that the environment utilized for program implementation is appropriate, accessible and free from health and safety hazards.
    • Reporting all known safety hazards and risk and making suggestions as needed to eliminate/reduce/manage safety risk and problems.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Hours of Employment: The Residential Services Director will determine the hours of employment based on department need. The normal work week is forty hours, Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. The position requires no more than eight hours per day except when adjustments are needed to accommodate the specialized needs of the department including medication passes when necessary.

Days of Employment: The Residential Services Director will determine days of employment based on departmental need. Flexibility to work varied hours will be required.

On Call: Carries a cell phone at all times and maintains 24-hour availability to ensure timely and appropriate response to health care emergencies/crises of clients.


Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing.
  • Must have current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State of Illinois.
  • Minimum of three years clinical expertise with additional specialized coursework/experience working with persons with developmental and physical disabilities and management experience in medical/social service field.
  • Must be capable of evaluating, planning and decision making in order to manage/ coordinate routine and unusual resident and program related issues.
  • Must be able to anticipate patient care and administrative needs.
  • Must have valid driver’s license.
  • Must have Certificate of Proof of insurance and maintenance of such at minimum amount of coverage required by law.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • High performance teams and a strong team player.
  • Commitment to company values.
  • Computer proficient.

Nonessential Skills and Experience:

  • Previous experience working in a non-profit.

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