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Chicago, IL

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Location: Chicago, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description



Responsible for providing expressive arts therapy, pychosocial rehabilitation and the development and implementation of a member driven service to assist in the transition of members to the community. Facilitate and /or lead activities and groups, make needed referrals, and coordinate services for members.




  1. Determine eligibility of referrals. Accept and process referrals.  Maintain positive relations with referral sources.
  2. Develop and implement group therapy sessions, curricula, teaching materials, for expressive arts and pyschosocial programming based on the needs of the members. Provide community utilization and short –term individual expressive arts therapy sessions to assist the members with recovery.



  1. Develop a service plan and schedule for all members of Chattebox. Work as a team with other staff members to provide required services for members.


  1. Responsible for identifying and making referrals to:  community resources, within the Department, and to other programs and services of Anixter Center.


  1. Provide expressive arts therapy.


  1. Develop and implement full-time Clubhouse programming. 


  1. Promote consumer driven, mental health services and enhance the abilities of members to make choices.


  1. Provide computer training and assistance to members.


  1. Maintain case files according to agency, Medicaid Rehab Option and accreditation standards.


  1. Conduct MRO billable psychosocial groups. Responsible for conducting track specific groups, meetings, or clubs on an ongoing basis.


  1. Work in conjunction with other department staff to collect and analyze data and feedback on services/activities/group that are offered to determine effectiveness of offerings and make recommendations for changes as needed.


  1. Provide education and training to members to enhance their knowledge of participating in community resources and employment opportunities.


  1. Develop and implement curricula and teaching materials based on the changing needs of the members served in Psychosocial Rehabilitation programming.  Track attendance and evaluate members progress.


  1. Provide alternate coverage for other Mental Health staff members.


  1. Communication:
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with all team members all concerns and issues related to members and department services. 
  • Share information concerning members with other Chatterbox staff. 
  • Facilitate communication among members and members and staff.


  1. Assist members in developing and following their individual work and activity schedules.


  1. Paperwork:
  • Complete all required paperwork including staffings according to department, TQM & agency guidelines, funding source regulations and accreditation standards. 
  • Complete all required Medicaid Rehab Option paperwork according to funding source regulations and standards.  This includes:  mental health assessments, functional assessments, group and individual service logs, progress notes, and billing sheets
  • Report and document behavioral data as required on a timely basis.
  • Report and document payroll information on a timely basis as necessary.


  1. Assist members with their transportation needs.


  1. Plan and participate in special events and community outings.
  2.   Provide bus, break, lunch and after hours coverage


  1. Respond to medical and behavior crisis in accordance with agency policy and procedure.  This includes all related paperwork.


  1. Adhere to all agency safety policies and procedures, including universal precautions, abuse and neglect,  evacuation procedures and guidelines for subcontract work.  This includes all related paperwork.


  1. Must be able to demonstrate the physical ability to lift people and materials as program needs dictate.


  1. Maintain a flexible working schedule while performing duties.  This may include the need to travel off-site or to rearrange the scheduling of breaks and lunch in order to meet the immediate needs of the participants of the Department.


  1. Maintain a professional demeanor in both manner and attire as a representative of the department and agency in conducting all activities, services and instructions.


  1. Assist members with toileting*, activities of daily living, grooming, and hygiene as needed throughout the day.


  1. Participate in the agency’s New Staff Training Week and other in-service trainings as required, specifically training related to PSR and serving persons serving persons with Mental Illness.  NCI Training, and CPR and First Aid.


Monday - Friday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Occasional evening and week-end hours may be required.  A regular schedule will be established in advance.


Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in the psychotherapeutic us of the creative arts. Dance, Music and Movement, Drama, or Art. Education or training in Professional Counseling. Completion of internship, clinical supervision, registration, or certification.


Must have the physical capacity to assist in behavior management, help transfer and physically assist individuals as needs dictate, and to lift and transfer program materials.                                                                    

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