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Job 164440 - Advocate
Chicago, IL

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Job Details

Location: Chicago, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Job Summary:


Reporting to the Residential Program Manager, the Advocate will provide provide advocacy and case management service. Implement habilitation training, assistance, supervision, guidance, activities and support service to program clients. Empower clients to improve or maintain their functional abilities and to foster independence.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Assess each client’s activities of daily living (ADL) skill levels and monitor progress regress in each area.
  • Develop measurable, achievable, appropriate goals, incorporating client choice. Monitor and document client progress.
  • Supervise, teach and assist clients in all ADL areas. The following list is indicative, but not inclusive.


    Dental Care

    Clothing care/Dressing/Selection

    Leisure/Recreation Skills

    Community Recreation

    Yard Maintenance/Decoration


    Money Management

    Consumer Skills

    Personal/Menstrual Hygiene

    Community Access

    Hair Care/Nail care

    Dining Skills

    Safety and security


    Self-administration of medications

    Family relationships

    Self-care/Toileting skills

    Food Purchase/Storage

    Social Skills and Personal Adjustment

    Food Preparation/Nutrition

    Time Orientation/Scheduling

    Household Care/Maintenance

    Travel/ Urban Safety

    Health Care/Mental Health Care

    Telephone Use



  • Ensure that clients are actively involved in their own daily program, both in individual and group activities.
  • Develop training curriculum and habilitation plans.
  • Participate in developing, scheduling, implementing skill training programs, evaluation tools, behavioral programs, activities and community outings.
  • Responsible for coordinating services provided to client
  • Provide client orientations (safety, human rights, facility/program agency and community).
  • Schedule and implement individual and/or group independent living skills training, and maintain required and timely documentation.
  • Assist clients with obtaining health care, dental care, sustaining care and/or mental health services as needed and in implementing recommendations. To provide transportation and attend health care appointments as needed.
  • Accompany clients for admission and discharge from hospital/nursing home or other medical setting, established on-going communication with social worker/medical personnel, involve and inform the Medical Services Coordinator of all relevant and current information. Continue to provide services within the hospital setting, including personal visits and attending hospital staffing’s.
  • Administer medications and document all related activities in accordance with related Medication Policies and Procedures.
  • Document and communicate with Program Manager and staff issues regarding client needs such as but not limited to health care, mental health, medication and safety.
  • Act as a case manager by assisting individuals with public aid/social security/other entitlements as needed. Advocates may at times arrange for and accompany individuals to appointments, as directed by the program manager.
  • When appropriately licensed, provide transportation in agency vehicles for the Residential Department clients
  • Assist and provide training to residents with public transportation as needed.
  • Assist with nutritional planning, preparing and cooking meals, and grocery shopping. Responsible for complete meal preparation when clients are not able to prepare meals.
  • Provide necessary guidance and support to clients in resolving problems as needed.
  • Provide crisis intervention, including facilitating hospitalization, as necessary.
  • Provide emergency assistance/program coverage during scheduled hours, at other sites as required.
  • Perform other duties, as assigned.



Essential Skills and Experience:

  • BA/BS in Social Service related field or high school diploma with ability to demonstrate supervising, assisting, training and supporting residents activities of daily living.
  • Ability to perform housekeeping tasks in a thorough and efficient manger.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Ability to meet agency insurance requirement. Must drive agency vehicles for purposes of client transport as determined by Program Manager.
  • Required to complete Direct Service Provider (DSP) training and obtain Authorized Direct Service Provider certification which includes the successful completion of Medication Administration Program.
  • Sign Language proficiency a plus.

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