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Job 164828 - Paraprofessional
Chicago, IL

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Job Details

Location: Chicago, IL
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Position Summary: Ferst School is a Kindergarten through 12th grade school for students with disabilities whose IEP require them to be educated in a non-public school due to the severity of their disability.  Under the supervision of Special Education Teachers, paraprofessionals provide direct support to students in the areas of academics, socialization, communication, independent living, and vocational skills. Duties include goal implementation and documentation in accordance with students' Individualized Education Plans, assistance with curriculum implementation, support for activities of daily living, and community integration.

Ferst School’s paraprofessionals are able to grow professionally through gaining valuable experience in the special education field in a supportive environment. Our paraprofessionals are a part of a great team of like-minded, socially conscious people that are committed to improving and enriching the lives of our students.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Implement IEPs under the direction of the classroom teacher, including providing instructional and behavioral support.
  • Provide intense monitoring of student academic work and behavior and collect data related to instruction and behavior to understand progress students are making on their individual goals.
  • Engage in daily and weekly lesson planning to prepare for student learning.  Assist in the development of instructional materials based on the lesson planning, with guidance and input from teachers, clinicians, and/or administrators.
  • Engage, when necessary, in implementing crisis intervention physical management techniques and/or First Aide/CPR, calling paramedics, transporting students to health care facility and remaining with them until medical decision is rendered and transportation home is arranged, notifying supervisor and parents/guardians/residential facilities, and completing related paperwork as required.
  • Provide supervision and instruction during student lunch period and assist in lunch room set-up, clean-up, feeding, feeding training, use of adaptive equipment or adaptive methods of feeding.
  • Provide toileting/diapering assistance for students as required.
  • Supervise students on community-based learning activities. 
  • Assist in transportation by aiding students on and off the bus, as well as driving school vans.
  • Complete all paperwork in a thorough and timely manner.
  • Provide supervision, instruction and implementation of lesson plans to assigned students during activities within the school or in the community in the presence or absence of the classroom teacher.  Coverage during teacher absence / vacancy may be of indefinite duration.  (Compensation for coverage during teacher vacancy outlined in letter of agreement dated 12/02.)  Classroom assignment is at the discretion of the administration of the school.  Supervision of the student body at large is the responsibility of the entire faculty.
  • Perform duties required to maintain a safe environment, including but not limited to:
    • adhering to all agency safety regulations
    • specific to each job or community setting
    • assisting in instructing students in safety practices and procedures
    • following agency procedures if students are injured
    • obtaining treatment for the injury and completing required paperwork
    • reporting any potential or actual safety hazards to supervisor
    • reporting any observed or suspected cases of abuse or neglect


HOURS:  During the regular school year, generally 8:00 – 4:00   Monday through Friday.  Times may vary slightly from school year to school year based on student bus schedules set by CPS.  Due to student / programming needs, it may be necessary to vary those hours for evening or weekend events (per letter of agreement dated 12-02).  Summer hours (during the 6 week summer session) --- staff are dismissed one hour earlier than during the regular school year.


Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Experience working with children with disabilities.
  • A commitment to the dignity and potential of all people.
  • 60 college credits and ISBE approval or passing WorkKeys test and ISBE approval.
  • Comply with state requirements for tuberculosis testing.

Nonessential Skills and Experience:

  • Previous experience working in a school.
  • Valid IL Driver’s license.


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